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2016 Chrysler T&C blue light wont flash

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I have a 2016 Chryler T&C with the smart key (not push button start) I bought a evo all SN: 001A07 047755. Programmed with the link (59.02 Firmware) and Connected the yellow wires together like a guy did on youtube. I get to the step with all the blue light staying solid, and turn on the key and it still stays solid. I cant get it to flash when i turn the key on to program it, any ideas? Thank you
asked 1 week ago in Chrysler by Justin Phipps (180 points)
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did you use the t harness ?

when you turn ignition on is there power on the yellow wire?

if you did not use a t harness check you can wires.
answered 1 week ago by Haidar Jabbar (16,630 points)
Yeah, used the T harness. Havnt checked power to the yellow wire.