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Door locking

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Civic 2018, push button, Standard.

3 wird thing happening related to door locking.

1-When car running... unlocking door by touching the handle, we have to be realy realy quick to press the start botton (almost impossible), if not fast enough the car stop. But by pressing unlock to get in, it is ok.

2- Can not leave the car running any more when exiting with the key...

3- If you get out of the car when running and forget the key in the car...  The car stop and look your key in the car  (usually the car detect the key in the car and do not lock the doors)

asked 1 week ago in Honda by jean lalonde (130 points)

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1/ It sounds like you may be trying to do takeover using the non-takeover solution. The vehicle will shut down on door open if using the non-takeover solution (THAR-HON6) or if option D3 is enabled.

3/ remote starters will force a relock on shutdown in order to to keep the vehicle locked and armed.


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answered 1 week ago by Robert T (272,690 points)