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Tundra parking lights

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I have a evo one on my tundra. Is there a way to not have the parking lights come on? It flashes the parking and tail lights after I un lock or lock the door.
asked Feb 9, 2023 in Toyota by Donald Pollard (160 points)

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Yes it is possible, what year is the tundra? Is it push to start or key start?

With this info I can advise you of what wire to remove or option to change so that the park lights no longer ocme on.

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answered Feb 10, 2023 by derek g (325,380 points)
2016 tundra, key start. Also I have a flash link so I can change options in there if needed.
Looking at the wire to wire guide, if you do not want parking lights then you would need to remove the pink wire from the 20 pin connector.


Also you would want to jump the autolight circuit back together as well.
What does the auto light wire do? My truck is equipped with auto lights.
The autolight interupt opens the auto light circuit during remote start to allow the parking lights to come on.