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2017 Octavia (Passat)

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Hello. I installed evo-all (standalone) on a 2017 Octavia. The car starts with the external input (yellow-black), but does not start with the OEM remote control. The blue LED lights up on the second press on the close button of the OEM remote control (that is, it does not light up on the first press). 001A07 414271

asked Feb 11 in Skoda by G M (9,690 points)

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You could try switching the starting sequence to lock-unlock-lock. Or perhaps just slow down how fast you are hitting the buttons?
If the lock/unlock signals are still not detected properly then you would need to add an rf kit (after market remotes) to the system. 

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answered Feb 13 by derek ! (291,410 points)
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I added a GSM relay and the engine starts with a call.