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Evo-all works only 10 minutes

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This module 001A07414277 didn't work on the Prius but it worked on the 2015 Fusion... But.., it only works for 10 minutes and stalls. I set the engine running time to 30 minutes, but it still stalls after 10 minutes.
asked Feb 13, 2023 in Ford by G M (13,010 points)

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That is normal, this installation uses the oem starter. The longest run time you can get from the oem starter is 15 minutes. You can change it by going into the cluster and selecting remote starter then selecting 15 minutes as the run time. Changing the evo-alls run time will not affect the vehicle.


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answered Feb 13, 2023 by derek g (325,380 points)
selected Feb 13, 2023 by G M
And if 71.52?
Yes, you can get longer run times if you use 71.52, however you will have to re wire the vehicle, youll also need the fort2 harness along with needing 2 oem ford keys to be able to program the unit.
Yes. There are 2 keys. Thank you.