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2017 CX-5 Doesn't Get Yellow Light When Ignition Turned On

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Installing Evo-All & THAR-MAZ1 on 2017 Mazda CX-5.

Followed the guide (62391/66311... different guides if going through troubleshooter vs Flash Link guide) for firmware & options (tried firmware 85.12 & 85.11)

THAR-MAZ1 only has Start/Stop 2nd connector (24 pin) & no 32 pin connector. So I am using the recommended wiring connections minus Data Key & Door Lock Data (A10 & A20)

When programming I cannot get the module to recognize a key (blue LED, no yellow LED illuminated when ignition is turned on).

Is the Data Key (A10) required? It is not in the THAR-MAZ1 harness nor is it populated in the OEM female connector.

One of the keys to this vehicle was lost previously & only have 1. Is it possible to program with only one key? (the Flash Link Manager notes that 2 keys are required. I don't quite understand why)
asked Feb 18, 2023 in Mazda by Ben Jacobus (130 points)

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For the installation you are doing you must have 2 keys, it is not posible to do stand alone installation using maz1 with only 1 key.


I would suggest getting an evo-one and a thar-one-maz3, this will allow you to do 1 key programming and it will also give you the added benefit of the vehicle not shutting down when you open the door.


Best regards.
answered Feb 20, 2023 by derek g (325,380 points)
Would only having 1 key prevent me from getting an acknowledgment Yellow LED at all (even during the first key sequence)?

If I get a replacment key do they both need to be in the vehicle at the same time, or programmed sequentially?

Key palcement will prevent it from swithcing to yellow, but also not having the data key wire connected will cause yellow to not illuminate.


I read your other post saying the pin is empty, the only time ive seen that is on vehicle located outisde north america, on those vehicles the mazt1 solution is not supported.


Looking at service info that wire certainly is present and populated in the diagrams for vehicles based in Canada and USA.

Are you able to provide where you found the service info that has that wire populated? (I am not able to view the attached pictures - they partially copied as HTML text)

The pinout I was able to find that matches my vehicle is located at:

Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual - Start Stop Unit Inspection - Control (

This has the Data Key pin unpopulated (I would assume this & my vehicle are North American configurations)

The info was found on


You should be able to see the images here:


Please provide a photo of the 32 pin start/stop connector. Be sure it clearly shows all the wires.
Got it, thank you.

I am currently traveling & will be able to upload a picture this weekend when I get back