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Stuck on step 5, all 3 lights flashing Kia Niro

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I am using a t-harness for install. Verified continuity on all my electrical connections. Soldered connections. During programming, I turn ignition on and red lights blink 10x as expected. Then short pause and the three LEDs all blink instead of the blue blinking indicating I'm not getting canbus communication. The COM wire was present and I verified I have the connections on the correct side of the cut. I flashed it with the most recent version of firmware and the recovered firmware, same result either way. Double checked my settings and everything kind like I'd expect it to buy correctly somethings amiss. SN-002B04 310063 This morning the car battery was dead as well
asked Feb 20 in Kia by KC Dickinson (130 points)

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I would take a look at your can-bus wires, with the description you have given, there is a problem there.


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answered Feb 20 by derek ! (291,410 points)