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Trigger for remote start

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Does the trigger for remote start on the evo-one also come from the yellow-black wire?  38.3
asked Feb 22, 2023 in Audi by G M (12,730 points)

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No, on the evo-one the middle pin of the 3 pin shock sensor port is the trigger input. It is (-).


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answered Feb 22, 2023 by derek g (323,500 points)
selected Feb 22, 2023 by G M
So, EVO-ONE always works at 38.2, right? .. (for 2013 Tucson PTS is also not indicated).
You can do 3x lock on that vehicle, however as stated on the website and in the installation guide, once the vehicle is remote started the OEM remote will no longer work. An rf kit is suggested.
Ok. Thanks.