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Do I really need to cut factory wiring harness in 2021 Highlander Hybrid even with THAR-TOY13?

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I am in the process of installing an EVO-ALL into a Toyota Highlander Hybrid (2021).  I was under the impression the THAR-TOY13 would make this process plug and play as it did in a previous install (2017 Mazda CX-9), however the instructions say to cut Telematics pin #33 and splice a wire to each end, plus tie into pin #4 (starter) for connection A16.  All 3 other T-harness connectdions have been made, do I need to splice?  I may abandon this remote start setup if so since the car has an extended Toyota warranty to 100k miles that could be voided if wires are cut.
asked 2 weeks ago in Toyota by Michael Cordivari (130 points)

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If you are referring to the telematics intterupt, yes this is mandatory and must be done.


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answered 2 weeks ago by derek ! (290,960 points)