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2014 AUDI RS5. EVO ALL Remote start works oem fob 3X lock, but will not remote stop the vehicle with OEM FOB

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I've just installed an EVO all with T-harness in standalone mode into my 2014 Audi RS5. Car has PTS and keyport.

Everything went without a hitch, with decryptor programming, 3x lock oem keyfob, and works as intended, however I cannot remote shut down the vehicle with 3x lock oem FOB. FOB works to lock and unlock doors while remote started.

I've checked flashlink to see if I missed selecting an option but there is nothing that mentions "remote stop" or related.

Have I missed something, or is this par for the course for B8.5 Audi vehicles? Thanks.

EDIT: I managed to remote shut down. I had to press the lock button on the OEM FOB about five-six times in rapid succession, but it works.
asked Mar 16, 2023 in Audi by Costa Psichoulis (130 points)
edited Mar 16, 2023 by Costa Psichoulis

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Setting Lock-Unlock-Lock to start instead of 3xlock should work better on those. Option D1.1 instead of D1.10
answered Mar 16, 2023 by Robert T (297,670 points)