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Why Does OEM Alarm Go-Off Almost Every Time I AutoStart ?

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2014 Chevrolet Cruze Normal Key Automatic
SN: 001A07 468661

It doesn't do it all the time and despite the alarm going-off it does start the car and everything else (door lock/unlock) works too


Used T-Harness for install.

I'm sure I'm not doing a step correctly or sometimes I might be locking the car with the OEM fob when maybe I need to be always using the Fortin fob (one-button type, forget the name of it)




Any ideas?
asked Mar 16, 2023 in Chevrolet by Larry Turner (190 points)

1 Answer

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Need to enable disarm before start in the module settings, option D2. It is not enabled at the moment.
answered Mar 16, 2023 by Robert T (297,670 points)
Ahhh, ok perfect...I guess I forgot to do that at some point.

Does it explain why it doesn't always make the alarm go off?

Am I perhaps disarming the alarm randomly sometimes before autostarting?

I don't even know how to disarm it, but maybe sometimes I am disarming it...


Thanks for the help already though - I'll definitely enable D2.


Pressing unlock disarms the oem alarm. Also, if it was not ringing some times, it would point the oem alarm not being armed.
Ok, thanks for the quick reliable response.